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At Triangle Coffee we pride ourselves with the ability to apply a process with our clients well before we seek to apply a package. This means we listen to our clients goals, questions, and concerns before we begin curating a service for them. Whether it is help with an office coffee station, cafe design and management systems, financial modeling, or a full blown cafe operating contract, we are eager to partner with new clients in mutually beneficial relationships.

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With a combined 10 years of cafe operation and ownership and coffee supply chain financial management, we may be valuable to your coffee goals and would love to talk about them with you. From our experience, here are some areas we know to be tough to navigate without help:

  • cafe design

  • cafe permitting,

  • financial modeling

  • revenue forecasting

  • hiring, training, and operational systems

  • vendor selection

cafe operation

The formula for creating the best café has yet to be discovered. Big or small, independent or corporate, artisanal or mass-produced; every café has the potential to become the one you love or the one you avoid. We at Triangle seek to create cafés with that special something, which, in turn, makes us proud of the cafés we operate.

Our experience working with partners ranging from the City of Boston to Brooklyn Boulders (a climbing gym) to Draper Labs sets us apart from other café operators by our ability to succeed within existing shared spaces. These experiences have taught us that being organized, respectful, consistent and collaborative are keys to building successful partnerships and thriving café environments that feel good from both sides of the counter.



contact us:

If you are looking to open a cafe and need a partner to operate the cafe, please contact us! We are excited to hear your story, vision, and goals and to consider being your cafe operator.

Please contact for all cafe operations and consulting inquiries.